The development trend of plumbing industry

The development trend of our building hardware and plumbing equipment industry is based on the premise of water saving and energy saving. The country's industrial policy also clearly requires the plumbing equipment industry to develop new products in the future to save water and energy.
Therefore, water-saving and energy-saving measures should be considered first in the development of new products. Due to the severe shortage of water resources and relatively little energy in our country, saving water and energy is the basic national policy of our country. The second is to match the housing
Industrial modernization policy. The commercialization of housing puts forward higher requirements for the use function and living environment of housing.
Innovation and overall innovation of functions and supporting systems and overall development and development of functions and supporting systems. The third is to be in line with the international advanced technology level. Research and development of new products should be clear
The international advanced technology level should be considered once in the research and development process to reach the international advanced technology level. In addition, we focus on the development of e-commerce in terms of marketing methods.

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